Safe Packing Tips

Safe Packing Tips

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Whether it is residential, commercial or corporate relocation, the process of relocation and moving is not an easy task at all. It makes things messy and creates chaotic and problematical situation. In fact, it can be one of the most daunting and stressful events of your life. But learning some helpful relocation and shifting tips might make your move easy and simple. Here are some helpful tips by professional packers and movers - "Jai Maa Durga Packers & Movers", with aim to turn relocation process into easygoing and smooth affair.
Before you start
Have required packing and moving supplies handy well before you being pack of your belongings and household effects. It is recommended that you should use good quality packing supplies and materials like sturdy boxes of different sizes, bubble wraps, wrapping papers, padding supplies, old newspapers, blank newsprint papers, permanent markers, scissors, knives, heavy duty product packaging tapes, tape measures, labeling stickers, etc.
These things matter
You must make use of supreme quality sturdy cartons, boxes and containers that can secured tightly and firmly. You must utilize specific boxes for specific items; such as wardrobe boxes for garments, dish-pack boxes for dishes & dishware, and specific fragile items containers.
It is advisable that you should use original packing supplies and boxes to pack audio-video materials, electronic items, electrical items, home appliances, kitchen appliances, etc; if possible. If you not have original packing supplies then you must consult professional packers and movers that may recommend you required supplies.
Grouping of goods
Pack household items and effects on the room by room basis. You must pack one room at a time. Ensure the weight of box which you can lift conveniently. Avoid loading more than 20 kg in a single box or carton. Place heavier items first and lighter ones later. Wrap items carefully and use lots of padding and cushioning supplies to ensure safety of belongings inside the boxes. Place breakables or fragile items correctly in the box. Close top of boxes and seal with good quality heavy duty product packaging tape to prevent damage and make stacking easier. Label each box with appropriate tag or color-code system.
Before you leave
Once you have packed all your stuff and items, it's time to leave. Probably you will load all the cartoons and drums in the carrier / truck to take it to the destination. But before your move loading and placing the items in the proper place is also important. Keep fragile item at the top of all goods. Try to use maximum space of the container / trailer. keep the heaviest items at the bottom and load the goods.
Choose an Experienced Moving Company
Always consider choose an experienced moving company which is local to your city. Choosing an experienced moving company eliminates the stress and results in a smooth relocation. Check if the moving company is licensed and insured as there are lots of moving companies which are not genuine.
Sign an agreement with Moving Company
It is advisable that you sign a written agreement with the moving company which should have the moving price, pickup and delivery dates and other legal formalities such as damages incurred during transportation etc. This will save you a lot of stress which is a very common issue in long distance moves.
Remove everything that is of no use to you
Once you know when you intend to move, start eliminating trash from your stuff. Since this work is very hectic, do everything in bits and at your own pace within the specified timeline.
Prepare an Inventory of Items to be shipped
A professional moving company always prepares an inventory of items to be shipped but it is advisable to prepare an inventory yourself and match it with the moving company if needed.
Consider Crating of High Value Items
High value items such as art pieces, electronic items, piano needs special protection. Consider packing your high value items in wooden crates for additional safety.
Inspection of Moving Truck
Inspect the moving truck brought by the moving company, if it is clean and maintained. Generally the moving trucks of professional moving companies are equipped with additional harnesses and padding for extra safety of shipped goods.
Unpacking at destination
Ask the moving company to do the unpacking and placement of items at specified area. Also ask the moving company to take away all the thrash of packing (You should have this mentioned in the agreement).

Our Shifting Process

The process of packing and moving of goods for various services undergoes various steps. The steps can be defined as follows...



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